All these people, in our understanding, and impartial of their teachings, do have one thing in common:


Each and everyone of them cut his or her own way, irrespective of their social environments' opinions or reservations they had to face every one of them came from the "TRADITION".



All diese Menschen haben in unseren Augen-unabhängig von ihrer Lehre-Folgendes gemeinsam:


Jeder von Ihnen ging seinen Weg ohne Rücksicht darauf, was seine Umwelt und seine Mitmenschen dazu sagten oder welche Vorbehalte Ihnen entgegen gebracht wurden und jeder von ihnen entstammte der "TRADITION".

Salvatore Salpetrie (Valdosar):

Sufi Master, Martial Arts Master, Pianist from Argentinia with roots from Sicily.

Idries Shah (Brother from Omar Ali Shah):


Sufi Master, Successor from Gurdjieff`s work in the west.  



Omar Ali Shah (Brother from Idries Shah): 


Sufi Master, Successor from Gurdjieff`s work in the west. 

Georges I. Gurdjieff: 

Foudner of "The Fourth Way",  "Science of conciousness". Founder of the "Ininstitue of the harmonous development of men" in Fountainebleau. He developed the Gurdjieff Movements. At the beginning of the 20th century he presented martial art based on the principles of Wing Tsun in East- and West-Europe.  

Carlos Castaneda: 

Nagual in the line of Nagual Don Juan Matus. Founder of the Tensegrity Movement (Magical Pases) and Martial Arts Master.



Spiritual Teacher and Sex-Guru.


"I am not here to give you any answers, I am here to provoke in you the question mark, the ultimate question mark!"

Aleister Crowley: 


Leader of the "O.T.O - Ordo Templi Orientis" and Founder of the "Abbey of Thelema". Magician and mystic. 


"Do What Thou Wilt"

M. Ueshiba: 


Grandmaster and founder of Aikido. 


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